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Nonmedical Treatments of Vocal Fold Nodules: A Systematic Review

Mansuri, B., Tohidast, S. A., et al. (2018).
Journal of Voice, 32(5), 609-620.
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This is a systematic review investigating the effectiveness of nonmedical treatments of vocal fold nodules in adults.

Questions/Aims Addressed

"To investigate the nonmedical treatments of [vocal fold nodules]" (p. 610)


Adults (≥16 years old) with vocal fold nodules


Nonmedical treatments; not further specified

Number of Studies Included


Years Included

Up to August 2016

Conclusions from This Systematic Review

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Most included studies were a low level of evidence. Various treatment techniques were described, including vocal hygiene, abuse/misuse reduction, yawn-sign, chewing, establishing new pitch, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). Overall, "in the majority of studies investigated in the present article, nonmedical treatments of [vocal fold nodules] were successful in improving vocal quality, decreasing sizes of vocal fold nodules, and resolving them" (p. 619).

Keywords: Vocal Fold Nodules

Three included studies examined treatment effects at long-term follow-up. Each study demonstrated treatment effects remained. 

Keywords: Vocal Fold Nodules

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