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Effectiveness of Cognition-Focused Interventions in Activities of Daily Living Performance in People With Dementia: A Systematic Review

Garrido-Pedrosa, J., Sala, I., et al. (2017).
British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 80(7), 397-408.
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This is a systematic review of randomized control trials investigating the effects of cognitive-focused interventions on the performance of activities of daily living in individuals with dementia.

Questions/Aims Addressed

"The aim of this study was to review systematically evidence of the effectiveness of cognition-focused interventions on the ability of people with dementia to perform activities of daily living" (p. 397).


Individuals with dementia


Cognition-focused interventions

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Up to March 2015

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Multi-component cognition-focused intervention programs that include individualized cognitive rehabilitation through functional tasks, as well as some kinds of cognitive stimulation (e.g., group discussion), have positive effects, as they can improve or maintain functional capabilities. No evidence was found to support the benefits of decontextualized cognitive training (e.g., letter cancellation tasks) on the performance of activities of daily living. Due to small sample sizes, family involvement as a potential confounder and the heterogeneity of assessment tools used, further research is warranted.  

Keywords: Cognitive-Communication, Cognitive Stimulation, Conversational Treatment, Functional Skill Training

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