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Virtual Reality Gaming as a Neurorehabilitation Tool for Brain Injuries in Adults: A Systematic Review

Aulisio, M. C., Han, D. Y., et al. (2020).
Brain Injury, 34(10), 1322-1330.
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This is a review of intervention studies investigating the effects of virtual reality gaming as neurorehabilitation in adults with traumatic brain injury.

Questions/Aims Addressed

This review aimed to evaluate the strength of the evidence supporting the use of virtual reality to rehabilitate motor and cognitive skills in patients following traumatic brain injury.


Adults with traumatic brain injury


Virtual Reality

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Years Included

Database inception up to September 23, 2018

Conclusions from This Systematic Review

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Virtual reality (VR) demonstrated limited or modest potential as a cognitive rehabilitation tool in adults with traumatic brain injury. "However, limitations and bias considerations for all studies included the following some of the studies reported sample sizes as small as a single participant, presenting interesting case studies but limiting generalizability to other populations" (p. 1328).

Keywords: Computer-Based Treatments

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