Educational Audiologist Resources for Physical and Virtual Reopening

As you prepare for the 2020–2021 school year during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic—with various levels of physical and virtual reopening options across the country—we know you’re facing unique challenges as audiologists. We’re here to help you navigate personal safety, return to in-person services and/or telepractice, share important information with parents, and join ASHA in advocating for yourself and your work. 

Get more COVID-19 information and back-to-school resources from ASHA, and contact us at or through the ASHA Action Center (800-498-2071) with school-based clinical or professional questions. 

Providing Telepractice  

Get support to make the switch to virtual services a little smoother.  

Sharing Resources With Families, Caregivers, and Other Professionals 

Help parents and families navigate their child’s communication needs during the ongoing pandemic. 

Balancing Well-Being and Workload 

Remember to take care of yourself. Check out mental health resources for practitioners.

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